Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★½

Don't Look Up is the definition of a good movie. It's not amazing or terrible or even great. It is just good but I don't have any problem with watching a good movie even if it's nothing more than that. For me, the film has some really big problems but the stuff that works about it really does work. I'll get the problems out of the way first. The story does go through some very predictable cliches that you've seen in many other movies, there are too many characters and some of them don't really leave that much of an impression, the film feels really long and easily could've been shortened by like 10 or 20 minutes, and the film's biggest issue is that I sadly didn't find it as funny as I thought I would. I am not going to say that the film is never funny as there is some humor here that does work really well but this movie clearly tries so hard to be funny and at least for me it wasn't working that well. The movie also seems to struggle with what tone it wants to stick with. So you would have something really dramatic and serious happening and then a joke immediately follows afterward. It just feels kind of jarring. Thankfully though I still enjoyed a good amount of this film and as I said before the stuff that works about it really does work about it. The cinematography is great, the musical score is solid, the direction is fantastic, the editing was fine and I wasn't really bothered by it like some other people were, the humor in the movie that does work gets out some great laughs, the characters in the movie that do leave an impression are memorable and funny, there are some surprisingly effective emotional and dramatic moments especially at the end of the film that works very well, the way the film is a satirical allegory on stuff like government, media, and cultural indifference is done greatly and sadly is kind of relevant in our world today, and the best aspect of this entire film is the cast. Pretty much everyone here is amazing but the two main standouts of the entire movie are Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Both are fucking amazing in this film and have so many amazing moments that just continue to showcase why they are such good actors. We also have actors like Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, and many more in this film and they all are great. While I wish some of these characters were used better or just made more of an impact in the film it's the actors that really make their characters a lot of fun to watch. Overall, Don't Look Up is as I said before just a good movie. Some might love it, hate it, or think it's a mixed bag but for me, a 7 out of 10 is the perfect rating I can give this film. Not one of the best satirical comedies out there but definitely one I would give a watch if you're up for that kind of thing.

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