Friday ★★★½

Shame on me for not watching this film on Friday. Seriously just before I watched the film did I realize that I was watching it on Saturday and not on Friday. Anyway, Friday is a really funny and enjoyable movie. It's nothing groundbreaking but I don't think it's supposed to be. It's mainly supposed to be a slice-of-life type movie but it still manages to work in the end. A couple of problems I have with the film are that the story is pretty predictable and not all of the humor lands. Mainly because there are some jokes throughout the film that are overused and can get old very fast. Thankfully those problems still don't take away any of the enjoyment I got from this film. It works because of many aspects. The story while predictable is still kept appropriately simple, the cinematography is good, the musical score is solid, the direction is fine, the humor when it works does get a lot of good laughs and can be really funny, the characters are all memorable, there are a lot of quotable lines, there are many shockingly funny moments, and the performances are fantastic. Everyone here does a good job but the main standouts of the entire film are Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as Craig and Smokey. They carry a lot of the film thanks to the great chemistry they have with each other, the amount of energy they bring in, and the way they play off each other. It leads to many of the film's funniest moments as well as many of the situations they get themselves into that also are quite funny. You could just watch these two guys talk and argue all day because they are that funny and entertaining to watch and that really is honestly the best way to describe this film. Even if you're just watching a movie that focuses on one day in these characters' lives they are still just so funny and entertaining that you really do enjoy your time with them. While Friday isn't the best slice-of-life movie I've ever seen it still is a good one that I would not mind watching again in the future. If you ever want to watch a film that is the definition of simple and doesn't really have that much that happens in terms of actions or weird visuals then Friday is the film for you. Also whenever I rewatch this film again I will make sure that it is on a Friday but I made this watch an exception because I really wanted to see this film for a while but I'm finally glad that I did. Thanks, HBO MAX!

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