Ghostbusters ★★★★½

Since I will most likely be seeing Ghostbusters: Afterlife sometime this weekend I guess it only makes sense to revisit the other Ghostbusters movies. I'll also try and see if I can see get around to watching the 2016 reboot. I know most people try to forget about that movie and the controversies it went through as well as Sony losing millions of dollars on it but I am still very curious to check it out. We'll see how the next few days are for me and I'll see if I can make time for it. Anyway as for the original Ghostbusters it's quite obvious to everyone on planet Earth that it is a classic. While it wasn't as good on a rewatch I still thought a lot of it was fantastic. The movie as I noticed on a rewatch does have some slow moments mainly in the second half and the effects are a lot more hit and miss this time around. I'm sure that back in 1984 they were really good and impressive but now you can really notice some of them. Thankfully they don't distract too much from how entertaining, funny, creepy, and just overall fun this film is. If you somehow haven't watched it yet then absolutely go and watch it right now. It's a film that everyone needs to see at least once in their life and it will be forever a classic. No matter how good Ghostbusters: Afterlife ends up being I still don't think it will top what was done here but then again who was really expecting that?

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