Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★½

I'm back baby and what a great film to start back on. For Shane Black's directorial debut it is really darn good. The story is very engaging, the cinematography is great, the musical score is good, the humor is really effective and funny, the action scenes are intense and really good to watch, and the best thing in this film is the performances. Almost everyone does a fantastic job but the ones that stand out are Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan. They all really do make this film so enjoyable to watch. However, the film does have one problem and it is that there are some things that happen in the film that are very predictable and it does make the story slightly less engaging than it already was but that's not a big deal. Everything else in this film just works so well and if you're the type of person that loves crime films with a lot of dark humor and violence then you will really love this film.

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