Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

A powerful and heart-breaking drama that I knew was going to be great but completely surpassed my expectations. The story had me invested the whole way through, the cinematography is fantastic, the musical score is amazing, the direction is phenomenal, the editing is brilliant, the screenplay is great, the few humorous moments get a laugh, the characters are all likable and you feel for each and every one of them and what they are going through, there are many scenes that are shocking and pretty hard to watch but in a really good way, the themes are very thought-provoking, the dramatic moments are powerful, strong, and so heart-breaking to where I shed a tear, and the acting is stellar from everyone but out of everyone in the film, it's Casey Affleck who is just phenomenal in his role. Affleck has so many great acting moments that really make you feel for his character and sympathize with him. With all the heart-breaking things that happen in this film, the actors really had to get their performances right and they all did. While Casey Affleck is the standout of the film for me I will also give credit to some of the other actors like Lucas Hedges and Michelle Williams who both also turn in some really good performances and have fantastic acting moments. Overall I just loved this film so much and I don't have any issues with it at all. It's just another one of those perfect dramas that everyone needs to see if they haven't already. If you're a fan of drama films or just looking for something with amazing performances and a story that keeps you invested from beginning to end with a bit of humor but mostly a lot of drama then this is the film for you. Also congrats to the film for winning Best Actor for Casey Affleck and Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards when it came out. It truly deserved all those wins along with the other nominations that it got.

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