Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

I know I'm late in the game for this one but it's about time I finally saw the film that was just trending on Letterboxd for so long. Never would I think that Promising Young Woman would be the one being one of the most talked-about movies on Letterboxd but after hearing all the praise and now after seeing it I can see why. I absolutely loved this film so much from beginning to end. The story kept me invested the whole way through, the cinematography is amazing, the musical score is great, the direction is phenomenal, the dark humor is surprisingly really funny, the editing is brilliant, the screenplay is fantastic, the pacing is perfect and not once was I ever bored or disinterested, the characters are all well-developed, and interesting, the themes are really important and thought-provoking, there are many disturbing and shocking moments that caught me completely off guard, the dramatic moments are very strong and heart-breaking, and the performances are stellar from everyone but I think anyone who's seen this film already knows who the standout of the film is and that is the queen herself, Carey Mulligan. She did an outstanding job in her role and is easily one of her best performances that I've seen. Mulligan in this film makes you feel every single emotion that you're supposed to whether it is to make you laugh, feel sorry for her, or completely terrified by her. She totally succeeded in that front and is, in my opinion, the best thing about this film. Even as a guy watching this film I could put myself in her shoes and feel every emotion that she did which is quite an accomplishment. Overall I absolutely loved this film and it completely surprised me. I don't have any issues with the film at all and that includes the ending. I know people are split on this ending but for me, it worked so well. Not just because of the ending itself but because it had me completely guessing what would happen. Words can't even describe how much I was invested during that ending and it's not every day that you get a film that gets you invested that much. While Soul is still my favorite film of 2020 this one is right behind it for second place. I'm still debating whether I'm Thinking of Ending Things is better than this but I'm gonna have to think about it more but for now I'll put this film above it because this film is just that good. If you haven't seen it yet then please go and watch it right now. It truly is a masterpiece and a very important film that needs to be seen by everyone. Also, I have to say this because I want to get this out there. I have nothing but my deepest sympathies and condolences to any women out there who have been traumatized by the actions of some men. It truly is heartbreaking to hear the stories of what happened to some women because of some guys who take advantage of them even leading to some of the women killing themselves and the guys getting no punishment for it at all. Thankfully because of the #MeToo movement women have been able to have their voice be heard and to any women reading this I encourage you to speak about if you have been abused by men because your voice needs to be heard in order to not only call out the wrongdoings by these men but to hopefully create a safer environment for women around the world. Also to any men reading this review here's something for you all that has been said many times but I just gotta bring it up and that is to not be a jerk to women and not take advantage of them. Simple as that and I feel dumb for having to say that but when men are still getting away with stuff like this I just have to say it because it really has to get out there. Anyway, go see this film if you haven't already and I hope it will be a serious contender this coming Awards Season. Well done Emerald Fennell and I am looking forward to her future projects.

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