Rambo ★★★½

What the actual fuck did I just watch? I knew this film was going to be violent and bloody but I can't even begin to grasp what the hell I was watching. Take the first 20 or so minutes of Saving Private Ryan but make it 100 times more brutal and violent. It's insane but that's beside the point. Overall I really enjoyed this film and is better than the other Rambo sequels. The story is well-told enough, the cinematography is good, the musical score is great, the direction is solid, the editing is fast as hell but actually done well, there are many suspenseful, brutal, disturbing, and shocking moments that had my jaw dropped, there is a lot more depth in this film that was very much needed after the sequels, the performances are fantastic from everyone with Sylvester Stallone still being the badass John Rambo that we all love, and the highlight of the film is the action scenes which are just phenomenal. They are shot amazingly, intense as hell, and most of all violent and excessive. I'll even say that this film has some of the best action in all of the Rambo films. It's just brilliant and it's impressive that Stallone was able to direct the film and act in it and deliver on both parts. However, the film does suffer from some problems that keep me from loving the film. The story itself is predictable and cliched, the characters outside of John Rambo are not really memorable or that interesting, and I wouldn't be lying if I said that the violence does get tiring after a while especially when the whole film surrounds itself in that bloody violence. Thankfully though I still really enjoyed this film despite those issues. Objectively speaking the first Rambo film is better and that will probably stay the best in the series but this one comes a close second and it is better than the sequels even though I still find enjoyment in them. If you're a Rambo fan then absolutely watch this film if you haven't already but just prepare yourself for what you're going to get because I think it's quite obvious that this film won't be for everyone.

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