Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

I might as well make myself clear on something before reviewing this film and that is the fact that I've never read the book this movie is based on. I was aware that it existed but I just never read it. Prepare to hear that a lot guys when I ever review a movie based on a book that I haven't read because I am not that big into reading books. I'm a big movie lover and that's what I probably will always be for the rest of my life but that's not really important right now. Let's get into the review of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. Just like a lot of other people, I did really enjoy the film and I had a lot of fun with it but I can't call it amazing. I'll get the issues out of the way first because I only have a couple of problems with this film but they are kind of major ones. The story itself is very predictable, the characters are mostly pretty standard and not that memorable, there are a couple of things that don't make sense, and the film I felt was a little too long. The movie was actually moving at a pretty good pace and once a certain scene comes up I thought we would be near the climax. Then I checked how far I was into the film and I had literally 60 minutes left. The ending of this film really does go on a little too long and while I was really entertained by it you can easily feel how long it is to the point you kind of want it to end but it never gets to the point where it's annoying. It's just something you wish was slightly shorter than it was. Everything else about this movie though is done really well. The cinematography is good, the musical score is solid, the direction and editing are great, the characters are likable enough for me to like and care about them, the humor is effective, the pacing like I said moves along very well, for the most part, the few emotional moments are fine and done well, the action scenes are intense, engaging, and a lot of fun particularly the first car chase near the beginning of the film which is literally the definition of cool and the final battle which was really great to watch, and the performances are fantastic from everyone. No one is really stellar in this movie but with the roles, they are playing they do a really good job with Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke being some of the standouts. However, the best thing about this movie is hands down the visuals. This seriously is a gorgeous movie to look at. You can tell a lot of money went into making this movie look great. The virtual reality entertainment universe itself which is called the OASIS looked amazing. There clearly is CGI all over this film especially in that virtual reality universe but it looks both really good and creative. In that universe, there also is a lot of pop-culture references that were fun to look for in the background and I was even able to catch a couple of them. It's like Space Jam: A New Legacy where the visuals are amazing and really stunning to look at but they also don't distract from what is actually happening on-screen with the characters. My point is the fact that the visuals are amazing and the best thing about the movie along with also some really good effects and CGI. So, overall Ready Player One is a really fun and entertaining movie. It isn't one of Steven Spielberg's best films but it still is a fun ride that I don't regret watching. Just accept the fact that the movie is filled with a bunch of pop-culture references and nostalgia but it also doesn't feel like it has all those references in a very corporate way. The movie is both smart about it and also has fun with it and that is more than enough for me to recommend it. If you're looking for a fun science fiction action film then absolutely go and check this film out.

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