Speed ★★★★★

I really needed a movie to keep me awake and not keep me tired so I decided to watch this and you can for sure say that this kept me awake because my God this movie is amazing and action-packed. I have not been this invested in an action movie in quite a while. The story kept me engaged the whole way through, the cinematography is fantastic, the musical score is great, the direction is phenomenal, the bits of humor sprinkled throughout the movie can get a laugh, the editing is brilliant, the stunts are incredible to watch and just mind-blowing, the use of sound is also perfectly done, there are so many shocking, suspenseful, and heart-pounding moments that I lost count of them, the characters are all memorable and likable, the few dramatic moments are strong and effective, and the cast is stellar and everyone does a perfect job especially from Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock who both did an amazing job in their roles and have the right chemistry with each other in this type of movie. I'll also give credit to Dennis Hopper who is such an insane and crazy villain but he is so much fun to watch and while he plays such a horrible and despicable person I think we can all agree his performance did a fantastic job portraying that type of person. However, even the cast isn't the best thing about this movie, and as amazing as they are they can't beat the action scenes. They are so intense, exciting, and just mind-blowing to watch. They keep you on the edge of your seat and mixing that in with the incredible stunts done it makes it even better. This whole movie is just a roller coaster that never stops and takes a break but you have an amazing time while riding it. Also whenever the movie does take a couple of minutes to slow down and rest a bit after all the action and intensity it feels right and doesn't go on for too long because the prime goal of this movie is to keep you on the edge of your seat and it 100% succeeds. Overall I love this movie so much and I can say that I found a new action classic to watch. Even if you do know how this movie will turn out by the end it is still an amazing ride worth taking because that is how much it just puts you on that bus with all of these people just praying to live and not die. If you love action movies then you gotta see this film and it is still a great movie to watch even if you're not that big into action films. One of the best examples of an action popcorn film in my opinion.

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