The Circus

The Circus ★★★★

Felt like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie so I decided to put on The Circus. While it's nowhere near as fantastic as City Lights it still is a very fun and entertaining film. Not going to say a lot about this film though because a lot of what worked in both City Lights and The Kid which are the only Charlie Chaplin movies I've seen so far still works here. The story is really easy to follow and not complicated in the slightest, the musical score is fantastic and never feels out of place, the humor gets a lot of good chuckles and even a couple of big laughs, there are many sweet moments especially when we focus on The Tramp and the Ringmaster's Step-daughter, the stunts are impressive as they always been, and the performances are stellar. Even with this being a silent film, each of the characters still presents so much personality through their facial expressions. Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp is still the main standout here and he continues to be so much fun to watch. I will say that the film does start to slow down once the third act happens and I didn't laugh as much as I thought I would've but honestly, those are small gripes. The Circus is still a very fun and enjoyable film that is worth watching if you are both a fan of Charlie Chaplin or just in the mood for a really short film that can still entertain you for 70 minutes. Not a masterpiece like City Lights but still another solid film from the great Charlie Chaplin and I can't wait to see the rest of the guy's work in the future.

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