The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

James Mangold really needs to direct more superhero films. Between this and Logan it really shows how good he is at doing that and while Logan is much better I still really enjoyed this film. The cinematography is good, the musical score is great, the emotional moments are very effective, the effects are fantastic and very good, the action scenes are intense and amazing to watch, and the performances are stellar from almost everyone. Again Hugh Jackman does a phenomenal job as Wolverine and is probably the best thing in the film. However, the film has two big problems that keep it from being amazing. The story isn't very engaging and can be very predictable. The other big problem is with the villain which is just not very interesting and more boring than anything else but that doesn't take away from how much enjoyment I got from this film. If you're an X-Men fan and a Wolverine fan then you will really like this film.

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