tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★½

I know I'm kind of late on this one but I finally got around to watching tick, tick..BOOM!. I knew this film would be good considering all the talent behind it but after watching it I can say that this is another case of a film exceeding my expectations but in a great way. This movie is just fantastic! It honestly has everything you would want out of a movie. It makes you happy, it makes you clap, it makes you smile, it makes you laugh, and it especially makes you sad and heartbroken but in a way where the film needs to. Almost every aspect of this film works on a near-perfect level and I don't really have anything to criticize about it. If I had anything to nitpick regarding this film it would be that the story itself does have to juggle a lot. It never gets to a point where I was confused at what was happening but you're definitely going to need a couple of minutes to take in everything that has happened in this movie because a lot happens. What makes it kind of funny is the fact that a lot of this stuff did actually happen in real life or at least most of it. Not sure if this film is entirely accurate to Johnathan Larson's life but I think you get my point. Other than that though every other aspect of this film is just amazing. The story is really well-told and me not knowing about Johnathan Larson's story I was even more invested in what was going on, the cinematography is great, the musical score is fantastic, the direction by Lin-Manuel Miranda is amazing and proves that he is more than capable at making movies, the editing is brilliant, the characters are all likable, funny, and memorable, the bits of humor used throughout the film got some good laughs out of me and balance out a lot of the dramatic moments very well, there are some very shocking moments, the pacing moves along very well and rarely I was ever bored, the emotional moments are powerful, heart-breaking, and brutally realistic and really do make you feel even more for the characters, and the musical sequences are absolutely perfect with each of them being so beautiful to look at. They also are amazing to watch and the film has a lot of songs that are very catchy, upbeat when they need to be, and more down-to-earth and serious when they need to be. It's just a perfect balance of making you laugh during one song and just being incredibly moved by the next song. However, the best aspect of the entire film is the acting. Everyone here is just stellar. Alexandra Shipp and Robin de Jesus are some of the main standouts if were talking about the supporting cast but the person who probably gives the best performance of his entire acting career in this film is Andrew Garfield as Johnathan Larson himself. Between playing as Spider-Man and being in many other fantastic movies like Hacksaw Ridge I think it's clear that this man can act his heart out and this film definitely shows that. Garfield gives a totally committed performance here and when he has to be both funny and charming he is and really sells those moments. When he has to be upset or emotional about something though that is where his performance really shines and it gets to a point where I feel like I am just seeing the actual Johnathan Larson and not Andrew Garfield because he is that good. I could go on more about how amazing he is in this movie but many other people have already done that so I'll just say that he is fucking phenomenal in this film and I probably won't be the last one to say that. Anyway if I hadn't said this already tick, tick...BOOM! is a fantastic movie that everyone needs to see. Whether you are into musical dramas or not you need to see this film. I don't expect everyone to love this movie but I do expect everyone to at least get something out of watching it. Go to Netflix or try and see if you can find this film playing at a movie theater close to you and watch this film right now and let's hope this one grabs some Oscars this coming awards season because it definitely deserves some of them.

Also after watching this film I found out some incredibly sad news and that is the passing of one of the most important figures in musical theater in the 20th century Stephen Sondheim. He just passed away today at the age of 91 and I just wanted to pay my respects to him. If you're also curious he is also portrayed in tick, tick... BOOM! by Bradley Whitford and I'll just say that he did a really good job in his role. I may not be a Broadway or musical theater guy but I can't deny that this man has written lyrics and composed for so many popular works. May he forever rest in peace and may his legacy live on forever.

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