Encanto ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Disney’s Parasite

Encanto post credits 
Nick Fury: Madrigal Family. You’re up.

Soars when it focuses on the family dynamics, transfer of generational problems, and community, but struffles when it comes to structure, musical momentum, and the overall take away.

Things I enjoyed 

-Stephanie Beatriz’s performance 
-The family as a whole
-The house as a character 
-The larger group numbers 
-The setting 

Things I was less sold on

-some of the lyrics 
-the family not losing their gifts until almost the end of the movie, feels like there’s a lot of set up to get to this and then it is quickly resolved
-mirabella not helping other members of her family discover how they can used their gifts in a more fulfilling way

-THE ENDING (my biggest gripe)
I honestly think the ending completely drops the ball on what the movie was trying to say. I personally think the family shouldn’t have gotten their miracle back if I’m supposed to be left with the messages of 

-Family is the most important
-You are not defined by your gift
-You are the miracle 

But instead it’s. Family is important but also you get your cool gift back that you really only lost for a little bit of time anyways. Idk it just feels too easy.

If you are going the route of giving back the magic though, LEAN INTO IT, GIVE MIRABELLA her gift! I thought it would at least end with her opening her door or something.

Instead we’re left with this ending that just feels really commital.

Kinda reaks of some exec stepping in and saying “Noooo they have to get the powers back so the kids think the movie is coooool and we can do a sequel”

Idk just felt weird.

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