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  • Down by Law

    Down by Law


    The setup is a bit uneven but once it gets going Down by Law is the weird, off-beat, and funny film you'd expect. I mean, Tom Waits, John Lurie, and Roberto Benigni. You can't think up a better cast. I could watch Lurie for days, he's so cool. The way Waits' character clashes with Lurie's is so authentic, and then you throw Benigni right in the middle. This is definitely a film that will improve will repeat viewings

  • The Wild Pear Tree

    The Wild Pear Tree


    While watching The Wild Pear Tree I convinced myself, wishfully, that Ceylan's usual DP had not shot this film, because some of it didn't look too great, but I was wrong. Gökhan Tiryaki did shoot it. The lighting and the colors of the film were very different to what I've come to know from the pair's previous two collaborations. There are some nice shots but they feel more like imitations of the landscapes they've given us in the past and…

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    Let's be real, this is more a work of art than anything some old French or Italian dude painted a bunch of years ago. You don't have to watch any other movie to know that this is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made. One of the best movies, period. Amazing shot after amazing shot, through the entire film. It only takes you about five minutes into the movie to realize you are watching something truly amazing, and Kubrick doesn't disappoint.…

  • Tyrannosaur



    This is a very powerful movie, led by a strong lead performance by Peter Mullan. He stars as Joseph, a rageful and violent man who is starting to see his own flaws but can't seem to change. He meets a woman, Hannah, and the movie documents a transitioning time in both their lives.

    I kind of put off watching this; these intense emotionally painful movies are not what I'm usually in the mood to watch, but this wasn't as hard…