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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    The hype train was pretty strong on this one; I enjoyed it, but was thinking it was a 3.5 star film until I started thinking about it more closely. I was thinking to myself that it was unfortunate that Peele had to attach his racial commentary to a genre film to have it made. But then I realized it worked as a pretty good vehicle to provide subtle subversion (and some not so subtle), while also getting the film seen. $230 million worldwide so far, that's incredible, and that overrides any qualms I had!

  • The Keepers

    The Keepers


    Basically the documentary version of Serial, which is not a compliment (part Law & Order episode, for good measure).

    The Keepers takes a cold case and builds mystery by taking the viewer on various paths of possible scenarios of what happened, and who might have been responsible. But the filmmakers have all the information from the start, so this 7 part series which should have been much shorter is manipulative in that we are shown pieces of information which are vague…

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    Let's be real, this is more a work of art than anything some old French or Italian dude painted a bunch of years ago. You don't have to watch any other movie to know that this is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made. One of the best movies, period. Amazing shot after amazing shot, through the entire film. It only takes you about five minutes into the movie to realize you are watching something truly amazing, and Kubrick doesn't disappoint.…

  • Tyrannosaur



    This is a very powerful movie, led by a strong lead performance by Peter Mullan. He stars as Joseph, a rageful and violent man who is starting to see his own flaws but can't seem to change. He meets a woman, Hannah, and the movie documents a transitioning time in both their lives.

    I kind of put off watching this; these intense emotionally painful movies are not what I'm usually in the mood to watch, but this wasn't as hard…