Antichrist ★½

Oh look, it's Lars von Trier, winner of Deviant-Art's live wallpaper contest. Oh, he's still recycling the same photoshop style bullshit in 2011? And people think it's beautiful?

While watching this silly stylized intro all I could think of was Dafoe in Mr. Bean's Holiday where he portrays a pretentious film director. Von Trier might be worse.

I can appreciate that he pushes boundaries and there is some good camera work, but this was shit. I didn't like Melancholia either but it was a lot better than this. No Lars, that line about "starting to believe the anti-women gynocide part of the thesis" doesn't somehow excuse your women-hating, there is no reflexive aspect in your film.

This is the work of a mad man, except it isn't very interesting nor artistic. Oh, shocking images, cool....doesn't make up for the complete lack of substance.

And again, your slow motion special effect bullshit isn't impressive or pretty to look at. Asshole...

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