Breathless ★★★★★

Once again it is proven that the greatest era in cinema is at least 40+ years behind us.

Jean-Luc Godard's first feature. Unbelievably incredible.

Some awesomeness from wikipedia:

"Godard envisaged Breathless as a reportage (documentary), and tasked cinematographer Raoul Coutard to shoot the entire film on a hand-held camera, with next to no lighting. The production was filmed on location in Paris during the months of August and September in 1959, using an Eclair Cameflex. Almost the whole film had to be dubbed in post-production because of the noisiness of the Cameflex camera.

Coutard has also stated that the film was virtually improvised on the spot, with Godard writing lines of dialogue in an exercise book, giving the lines to Belmondo and Seberg, having a few brief rehearsals on scenes involved, then filming them. No permission was received to shoot the film in its various locations (mainly the side streets and boulevards of Paris) either, adding to the spontaneous feel that Godard was aiming for."

The film's main characters are Jean-Paul Belmondo(certainly a familiar face in French cinema) and Jean Seberg, but the movie stars Godard's directing and editing choices. Not just the jump cuts but also the fluid transitions through different shots and even different scenes. There is a great sequence of scenes that lead up to an even greater scene that takes place along the Champs. Amazing.

The story, of course, is secondary. This film lives on its beauty and emotion, the characters and realness. The influence this movie had on others can't be overlooked either.

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