Once Upon a Time in Anatolia ★★★★½

This is how you make a movie. Based on true events the film aims to be a realistic portrait of the event and the setting where it took place. It succeeds greatly.

The setting is Turkey and the film is BEAUTIFULLY shot. The scenery is amazing and the camera work which includes plenty of great wide shots really helps set the mood. The movie starts with police searching the vast hills for a dead body in the middle of the night. Amazing.

Everything is very restrained. Some people might find it too slow but I think most Letterboxd viewers can handle it. There are so many things this movie does well and the dialogue is near the top. A large portion of the dialogue is unrelated to the crime that the film is based around. The various conversations between the terrific characters about seemingly mundane things are perfect.

It's 2 and a half hours but it moves deceivingly quick until the last portion of it when the setting changes. Definitely one of the best films of 2012 so far. It wasn't an easy film to track down(just released on DVD last week and it doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere) but keep an eye out.

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