Anomalisa ★★★★½

As an animator myself (and never having seen a Charlie Kaufman film) I came into Anomalisa expecting to spend the majority of the movie scrutinising the animation itself more than the story. Within 10 minutes I almost forgot it was animated at all because I was watching one of the most vulnerable and moving performances I had ever seen. This is possibly the biggest praise I could ever give to the animators (who I have to say did a phonemenal job)

I've read in various places good films leave you with a feeling more than anything else and that is absolutely what I took away from Anomalisa. It was bleak, brutal and upsettingly honest for a story about a puppet with obvious mental issues - but to borrow one of the lines used to promote the film it was indeed one of the most human films I've ever seen.

A wonderful(ly depressing) exploration of the quest to not feel trapped and alone. If you watch it in a good mood you will leave feeling drained - if you watch it in a bad mood you may want to kill yourself. Regardless of mood - you need to watch it.

PS. At risk of repeating myself - the animation was amazing