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  • Triple 9

    Triple 9


    In Triple 9, we see a small team successfully rob a bank for a gangster. The gangster needs them to do anotyer job they weren't initially told about though and they make a plan involving a 999 which is police code for an officer down. This movie has a pretty good cast, but they all seem bored. I think Anthony Mackie was trying a bit harder then the rest, but it's still full. It tries to be a serious…

  • Tully



    A mother with two kids and a brand new baby gets a night nanny to help take care of the baby at night. I won't really go too far into this movie because it's actually a lot deeper then you initially believe. It's based around Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis' characters and their interactions. The movie is pretty plain looking except for the shots at night in the city and in the bar. The writing was really good, but…

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  • Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly

    Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly


    Any Kevin Smith special is something that I will cherish my time with. The man is a masterful storyteller and this Showtime special was no different. This time, he had lots of stories involving his family. He’ll go from talking about his wife’s vagina to a conversation he had with his daughter Harley over texts. He’s also inspirational as fuck. In the end, he tells everyone that it takes no talent whatsoever to do what he is doing. You…

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    It’s hard to summarize a three hour movie into only a few sentences, but I guess I have to try. Blue is the Warmest Color in France is called La vie d’Adèle or the Life Of Adèle and that title pretty much tells you exactly what you’re getting into. It’s such a long movie because it goes over a part of this characters life that is big and important to her. If you don’t know, this is a movie…