24 Hours to Live ★★½

After being killed on the job, Ethan Hawke is brought back to life by an experimental procedure and he’s given 24 hours to live. He decides to spend his remaining hours righting the wrongs of his past couple days. This is a pretty decent action thriller. I expected much less, but this was actually pretty good. I haven’t seen Ethan Hawke in a big action role before this and I was suprised at how good he was. His character was given a pretty simple backstory of his family being killed. Now he’s a retired assassin who is called in for one more job. Xu Qing plays another assassin that Hawke ends up working with. I don’t really feel she was that great. At one point something happens to her that would be very emotional, but she doesn’t seem too upset. I actually forgot what they were doing at one point because it didn’t seem urgent. The action scenes are pretty typical. There was a good amount of blood which was cool. This film was fine. Nothing too bad Ana also nothing too different. It was a bit better then I expected.