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  • Five Easy Pieces

    Five Easy Pieces


    Angry blue collar Americana via Bob Rafelson’s specific playfulness (that piano scene on the truck is A+). I can never tell if movies of this ilk are critcizing or forgiving really wreckless masculinity. Is there a moment of sympathy for Robert? Or is he just a huge jerk?

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    it’s fun! I would have cut the Rashida Jones subplot though, as the movie feels a little long for its content and that part of the movie was ultimately kinda inconsequential. The way it moved the plot forward could be easily substituted with something much smaller

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  • Hereditary



    HEREDITARY is laced with consistent motifs that are really effectively woven in to the first two acts, and because of this delicate and deliberate storytelling, I was anticipating a pulse-pounding finale that kind of delivers. It takes so much time establishing dread to just wrap it all up that quickly made me feel a little cheated. 

    Still spooked me p good tho, that ceiling thing? byEEE YUCCKK

  • If Looks Could Kill

    If Looks Could Kill

    Written by the creator of SEX & THE CITY, story by the writer of MONSTER SQUAD, directed by the director of HARRY & THE HENDERSONS - this is a very apt description of this movie. This is secretly really fun?! I would have loved this it if I saw it when I was a child.