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  • As the Gods Will

    As the Gods Will


    I can't stand this movie. Miike following all of his worst instincts, taking one note and spreading it so so so so far

  • Saw: The Final Chapter

    Saw: The Final Chapter

    Easily the funniest of the franchise.

    Things SAW 7 has:
    -Chester from Linkin Park
    -A "bros before hoes" SAW trap in downtown Toronto
    -3D special effects
    -Jigsaw in a backwards baseball cap
    -The wildest twist ending ever

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  • mother!



    This movie was everything I wanted it to be and more: in that what I wanted it to be was an intensely stupid and hacky "art" film that was hilarious from beginning to end.

  • Head



    I love love love this movie. The Monkees being super banky and acid-headed in one of the most delightfully exhausting films ever.  Helluva soundtrack, also Michael Nesmith is totally fuckable.