Inside ★★★★½

Finally a slasher that has disturbed me to my core but had me fixed to the screen.

Inside is one of the only slashers that I’ve watched in recent memory that has truely frightened me. With such a simple plot, Inside excels at crafting a visceral plot with such intensity that I had palpitation throughout the film. 

The body horror in this film, particularly in the last scene, had me squealing in pure discomfort and made me question my actual sanity for having watched this film on my own volition (less than 24 hours after having watched and experienced Pascal Laugier’s ‘Martyrs’ for the first time). It is this gore and the uncompromising attacks that the main protagonist, Sarah experiences that make Inside such a painfully engaging watch. Although there is buckets of body horror, we see survival in its most powerful guise through  Aylsson Paradis’ portrayal of Sarah. Sarah is wickedly resourceful and brave in her pursuit for survival and does not let her pregnancy hinder her carnal intuition and sheer determination to make it out of this ordeal alive. I found myself so ridiculously invested in Sarah and her unborn baby’s survival. 

Inside epitomises why I adore home invasion films and why I am equally petrified by them. This film goes from 0 to 100 in almost no time but it’s this extremity that feels so refreshing amongst a sea of typical slasher films.

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