Tenet ★★★½

Drove from NJ to PA to see this, just for it to be announced today that theaters in NJ are opening on Friday. Still glad I got to see it though.

This is basically Memento meets Inception. I love the style, the action sequences were brilliant, and JDW and Robert Pattinson we’re both awesome. The story is what threw me off a little bit.

I’ll preface this by saying that my screening was very, very loud. I don’t mean like normal IMAX loud, but so loud to the point where if there was dialogue during ANY kind of music or action sequence, there was no way in hell I was gonna hear it. (After looking at some reviews, it seems like that was a problem for a lot of people... so that’s not a good thing). That being said there was a lot of the story I probably missed so I can’t complain about it too much, however, there was a particularly substantial amount of plot exposition.

One of my biggest no-no’s is when a film says ‘don’t try to understand it, it’s too complex.’ WELL THEN WHY AM I WATCHING THIS? I’m not gonna hate on it too much for this movie, but with other movies it gets to be a lot. I understand it’s complex, but I still want it shown to me instead of spat at me.

As you can tell by the rating, it didn’t bother me much, but it was absolutely noticeable. I’m definitely gonna have to watch this a few more times to understand everything fully, and I’m excited to actually hear what they’re saying during the loud scenes.

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