Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx ★★★★★

These movies are the grandfather to every movie Sam Raimi or Quentin Tarantino ever has made or ever will make. They're hilariously bloody and absurdly violent. This is an absolute blast to watch, and I actually found myself caring about Itto and Daigoro quite a bit. You get a real sense of the bond between them in this one and it's almost touching...but then Daigoro will assist in someone's murder and that sentimentality flies out in the window in the best possible way.

Also, can we all just agree that that dude's five-minute-long rant (okay, I'm maybe exaggerating its length a little bit, but honestly probably not by much, lol) about his neck being sliced open is one of the greatest scenes ever put to celluloid. Like, my goodness, what a huge amount of character development to pack in literally as the character is about to die. It's just beautifully surreal.