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  • Beware the Slenderman

    Beware the Slenderman


    Decent but unfocused documentary about a horrible crime.

    While interesting, this could have done with waiting until the story concludes in court this year. This may have allowed the makers time to decide on their subject.

    This clumsily lurches from human story to a discussion on internet memes and back again, while introducing people who we find out little about.

    Hopefully this will be revised once the court case ends and it will gain the focus it needs.

  • Bastille Day

    Bastille Day

    Terrible action movie.

    Lots of Brits walking around on France pretending to be American in a very unconvincing way.

    Sloppy action scenes edited so fast, you end up with a headache.

    Tediously hackneyed storyline that you've seen a hundred times before.

    Gets one star for the bar scene featuring "Reverend Black Grape"

    Only surprise: Idris Elba singing the end theme song, in his dodgy American accent.

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    I honestly have never had an hour and a half go so quickly.

    This is a great little lo-fi horror film. It engages with loads of the expected teen horror film tropes and plays with them.

    It wins by giving you a batch of characters you like and making the sense of dread constant. From about 15 minutes in you are ensure of what is going to happen or when. After about forty minutes you starting checking behind you at…

  • Compliance



    Crikey. This is challenging cinema.

    However "true" the events inspiring this story are is always up for debate, but these things happening at all at this kind of level is worrying and horrifying.

    The characters here are not larger than life, you can put yourself in their place and try to think of what you would have done differently, but it still makes you think, "what would I really do in that situation?"

    It is unsensational and solidly made, I…