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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Another 90 minutes which was gone in a flash.

    Like "It Follows" this is a thriller which is first about characters and then the threat to them.

    Also like "It Follows" This had a noticeable effect on the audience around me, who seemed to be trying to keep as quiet as the protagonists on screen for much of the film. The only exception being a couple behind me who were extremely effected by the later stages of the film and…

  • Proud Mary

    Proud Mary


    An outstanding cast makes this simple revenge story pop.

    A great soundtrack and a couple of cracking action sequences have made me want to give this another watch when it's available at home.

    Favourite opening credits of the year so far...

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    I honestly have never had an hour and a half go so quickly.

    This is a great little lo-fi horror film. It engages with loads of the expected teen horror film tropes and plays with them.

    It wins by giving you a batch of characters you like and making the sense of dread constant. From about 15 minutes in you are ensure of what is going to happen or when. After about forty minutes you starting checking behind you at…

  • Let Her Out

    Let Her Out


    A partially successful !evil twin" psychological thriller.

    This has an outstanding pre-credits sequence which gives the impression of darker things to come, but the half hour which follows it is more than a little soapy and I did find myself checking out for a while.

    It rescues itself, however for the it's last hour, which ramps up the psychosis and becomes far more entertaining.

    All in all, it's a decent little thriller with a couple of good set pieces, an improvement in pacing, particularly during that first half could have made this something special.