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  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    A new Ben Wheatley film is always a highlight of the year for me, so I'm a little sorry its taken me so long to catch up with this.

    On paper this is a 90 minute long shoot out, but this a Wheatley film, so it looks and feels different from any shoot out you've seen before.

    Its funny and tense, often at the same time and has a flow that carries you through to its ending in a very…

  • Guardians



    Cold war experimental super solders team up to stop their megalomaniac creator.

    While it has a derivative plot and dodgy effects, this is still fast, funny and entertaining.

    Most importantly it has a half man, half bear with a gatling gun.

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    I honestly have never had an hour and a half go so quickly.

    This is a great little lo-fi horror film. It engages with loads of the expected teen horror film tropes and plays with them.

    It wins by giving you a batch of characters you like and making the sense of dread constant. From about 15 minutes in you are ensure of what is going to happen or when. After about forty minutes you starting checking behind you at…

  • Compliance



    Crikey. This is challenging cinema.

    However "true" the events inspiring this story are is always up for debate, but these things happening at all at this kind of level is worrying and horrifying.

    The characters here are not larger than life, you can put yourself in their place and try to think of what you would have done differently, but it still makes you think, "what would I really do in that situation?"

    It is unsensational and solidly made, I…