The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ★★★½

Presented as the second half of a double feature with Last Hurrah For Chivalry by the Criterion Channel in the last week leading up to launch day. They make a connection in the intro between the two films but frankly I think it's a bit of a stretch. This one is so unlike any of the other movies I've watched lately so if you think my taste sucks maybe give this one a whirl. It's a musical but there aren't really any songs. They just live in a world where everybody sings for some reason, even the old lady on her death bed. The colours in this are crazy. if you are into sets and costumes the film acts like a time capsule of a French town in the 1950s, and if you are into film, it's a musical that focuses on the less sappy happy endings but doesn't fall off into depressing.