Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★½

This might be my favourite Elijah Wood performance in a while. I was completely in the pocket of movie. While definetley following some 2019 troupes I am still all for it. There is this gorgeous leather gauze (it's a great looking movie) that hangs over the whole piece. Plus it's absoutley bonkers. When New Zealand does scholk they do it brilliantly. Though on a side track, I also get distracted when the NZ coast is meant to be playing as American. I didn't get my Michael Smiley in the Ben Wheatley movie I had saw before this, but I got it here, it's wonderful and might be the best wig work of 2019.

Though it doesn't quite get to Mandy hieghts of emotional depth that I think it's trying for, but it gets close. And it's a great midnight movie and completely delivers. So now if I could get Wood say 'Do I drop the sick beats? Yes' as my new message alert that would be great.