Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

With Dan going out of his mind with isolation - he finally said the words. I want to see That Clue Movie. Which is what he's been calling Knives Out.

He liked it. I'm falling in love with this movie. Just the bigness and bombastic-ness of the piece. It's big it's bright, stylized, it can hold that Daniel Craig performance - which I love even more on every re-watch. It's so perfectly toned, it frames everything perfectly for Ana De Aarmas. On this watch I loved the movies little ticks. Michael Shannon throwing his fists in the air in celebration or when the sound design or cinematography goes heavy to make or point or de Armas not knowing Benoit Blanc's name so in her phone it's Maybe B Blanc. Every thing is so perfectly tuned to a orchestra level. I really do love this movie.

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