Midsommar ★★

I felt kind of embarrassed watching this movie.
"Midsommar" is a fantastic example of how important writing and pacing are in a film, because even with great cinematography and acting it ended up being a pretty infuriating experience. To call this movie a horror film would be an act of undeserved good faith. I know it was marketed as one, but it isn't. "It Comes At Night" was falsely advertised as a horror movie and it's amazing regardless. The issue with "Midsommar" is that it thinks it's scary. It builds up tension for a long stretches of time without payoff. I swear ninety minutes of this was just needless and effortless tension or filler.
The big twist, the secret about the cult, had me literally laughing out loud in the theatre. There was a lack of intelligence and depth, and there was no entertainment value to make up for it. "Hereditary" had the performances and cinematography and everywhere else it succeeded "Midsommar" failed. I'm pretty confued and am left wondering to how this film came to be such a mess.

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