From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

i regret to inform you that this shit still stomps. things are more dire than ever at the cineplex right now and it's a nice treat to revisit a time when Fred Williamson could smoke The Big Cigar on The Big Screen while KNB delivered creature FX at this unreal a level. i & many others have (rightfully) criticized THE WALKING DEAD over the years for being a sluggishly paced conservative wet dream but those guys at least had the common sense to slide Greg Nicotero a blank check so his team could craft some pretty gnarly practical makeup/design. the part where Tom Savini turns into some kinda fuckin rat-dog thing in this... pretty cool to see. of course the dramatic arcs promised in the early going never really congeal in the back half when this gives way to outlandish cartoon violence, but that's kind of a metaphor for Robert Rodriguez's entire filmography isn't it? three theories for the first half: Tarantino directed it before Rodriguez cut it up; or Tarantino handed Rodriguez a shot list like Kurt Russell did for George P. Cosmatos on TOMBSTONE; or RobRod knows his buddy well enough to ape many of his stylistic tics. how else do you explain the opening crane, hostage dissolve reveal, trunk shot, lovingly photographed feet, oner through the front door of the Titty Twister, etc?

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