Inglourious Basterds ★★★★★

of course under Tarantino's purview film is the ultimate tool - for righteous fury, for catharsis, for ending the war, and for shaping the world. this is a movie where a theater owner, her projectionist, a starlet, a critic and a bunch of undercover American extras team up to take down Hitler & his propagandists, after all. the great ghost of Judaism haunts a horde of burning Nazis, her cackling visage projected on a billow of smoke. every single act of the story is predicated upon theatricality, assumed roles, the tension of what is real & what is artifice. often this leads to the worst outcome possible; Landa executes the Jews under the floorboards, or the underground tavern ends in a blood-soaked stalemate. all miniature tales of suspense in service of a big overarching one: how will our intrepid heroes be foiled? and yet, the other shoe never drops. cinema is fake, it is not bound to the whims of history, use this weapon in your arsenal as you see fit. if the Führer can laugh at his little movie, then we can roar at the sight of an MP-40 shredding his skull in two. and then rewind it and roar again. it feels nice, doesn't it?

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