Jackie Brown ★★★★★

"You never got into the whole CD revolution?"
"Oh, I got a few. But I can't afford to start all over again."

Too Old To Die Young

'mature', sure, 'relaxed', absolutely, but most of all this is Tarantino's most astute film, a Kangol-capped smoker's lounge vet dealing out razor sharp observations on race, class, sex, age, life. the way Ordell immediately sizes up Winston's relationship to Max. the way the ATF agents denigrate Jackie's profession to twist her allegiances around. the way De Niro beautifully underplays Louis' mounting frustration with a world that passed him by while he was institutionalized. the way Jackie stares into the mirror of the fitting room like she's really seeing herself for the first time. the way Max's Bonnie & Clyde daydream slowly dissipates as he recedes from focus. he's got a business to run and a comfortable routine. she's poor in America, and black in America, and has a lot less to lose. essential cold & tired & lonely cinema. the moving pictures really don't get much better than this.

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