Joker ★★

there is a scene in this movie where The Joker dances down some steps to "Rock And Roll Part II" by noted pedophile Gary Glitter, and then the music switches to the film's overbearing orchestral string soundtrack as The Joker continues to dance evilly in slow motion. it was in this moment that i truly couldn't tell if i was watching a self-serious awards hopeful or a dipshit troll's parody of one (the ultimate Joker's trick). i typically like Phillips' brand of noxious comedy but his regular nihilistic streak and toxic masculine psychologizing crumple under the film's portentous middlebrow style. the most telling thing about JOKER is that for a comic book movie about a cartoon clown, it sure is a lot less funny than the Scorsese pictures it's ripping off. this film needs an enema!

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