Kill Bill: Vol. 2 ★★★★½

"I waited a long time for you to wake up, mommy."

dead & reborn. relief, regret, but mostly all the middle-aged in-between. fans have long lamented the lack of THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR, yet the saga works best cloven in two, Tarantino using this one's arid landscapes & languid runtime to slowly, slowly, slowly let the air out until its titular villain of legend simply topples over, away from frame. in the end it's really the story of an overworked, stressed out single woman who escapes the clutches of a toxic relationship and chooses to fill the hole in her heart with love rather than a career. A Satisfied Mind. Thurman's performance -- in this second half especially -- is completely breathtaking, the most moving & vulnerable ever in a Tarantino film. i can't think of a moment more cathartic in his filmography than Beatrix on the floor of her bathroom, cry-laughing as she clutches one of BB's stuffed pets, lioness finally reunited with cub.

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