Nerve ★★★½

sweet & silly cotton candy puke, sort of a HACKERS expansion pack for the new Willenium. the parable about social responsibility in the digital age is endearingly dumb and the overexposed neon light flooding  seemingly every shot kept me hooked like DayGlo crack. little things like Emma Roberts being named VENUS DELMONICO had me hooting & hollering early & often and everything clicked into place when i found out this was based on a YA book.

for what it's worth i decided i wanted to take my CVS pharmacist who gave me my psoriasis medication yesterday on a Nerve-date. her name was Melissa and she wore glasses & a mock turtleneck. not sure if she'd go for it since i'm not a hot boy with a rockin bod who rides a motorcycle with Midnight Club underglow.

glad Machine Gun Kelly finally found his calling as a skateboarding TMNT Foot Clan knockoff.

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