Sicario: Day of the Soldado ★★★★

opens with Josh Brolin drone striking a Somali pirate's house and maintains that level of caustic unpleasantness throughout; to note the political repugnancy of SICARIO DOS: SANGRE ON THE SAND: CHELADA DEL MUERTE is to stick a licked finger in the air and note the wind chill. this is the steely, wretched, green-hued cinema of imperialist sickness - nothing but brown bodies ripped apart by automatic gunfire, their death & destruction spun into circles like the latest Vinnie Chase PR move. strip away the wide-eyed innocence of Emily Blunt's FBI interloper and you've got a sequel that rocket propels the same truth at your face over & over for 2 hours: every bastard thing this country ever does is in favor of the U.S. war machine

probably not a good movie by any means but i'm a sucker for humvees and black hawks and ac-130s and tac vests and bump firing and Benicio del Toro in a cowboy hat. this is one of the most giddily nihilistic films i've seen in years, not much of it makes sense and it ends like THE AVENGERS for some reason so fuck it, 4 stars.

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