Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

might be a misread but the best scene in this film - the Kessel Run - feels most like Lord & Miller's work, reaching a peak of cartoonish spectacle and madcap hilarity not found elsewhere in SOLO's way-too-long runtime. there's the fuel injection shenanigans, Lando's cape gags, Han attempting to recreate his old buddy's piloting maneuver (that killed him) and then that hysterical reaction shot of everyone crammed into the cockpit leaping in horror at the reveal of the Lovecraftian space squid.

everything else plays close to what you'd imagine a parody of a Han Solo origin story to be, like when Han Solo gets his Iconic Blaster you'd better believe there's a solemn close-up shot of it in Bradford Young Shadow Vision for you to ooh and aah at. the movie solidifies itself as something more akin to homework than popcorn entertainment when Darth fucking Maul shows up and i guess you're supposed to know he's alive because of some cartoon that's on Kids WB or some shit.

was this more or less entertaining than ROGUE ONE? i vote less, if only because that movie had Donnie Yen beating up guys with a stick on a nice sunny beach whereas this one seemed to largely take place in a galaxy of mud.

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