The Fanatic ★★★

aggressively stupid, hateful reminder that celebs are not your friends, written & directed by the God of Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water himself. who knows, maybe this is the stab in the eye that 'stan culture' deserves. infinitely more entertaining a portrait of an alienated, mentally ill loser than JOKER, Travolta just as dedicated to his misguided portrayal of a clearly handicapped horror nut as Phoenix was to his wannabe clown. the film never explains why or how Travolta's MOOSE (his name) is friends with a septum piercing adorned twentysomething DEGRASSI star paparazzo but i didn't care because she was cute. i dunno, laughed at a lot at this, i'm a moron. Limp Bizkit rocks. Devon Sawa's second-best performance in a DTV genre pic this year after ESCAPE PLAN 3: THE EXTRACTORS.

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