Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Army Of The Dead is the most epic zombie movie ever made, packed to the brim with outstanding kills, surprising emotion, & a (mostly) stellar cast. The heart of the film is a heartbreaking allegory for losing the ones you love the most. Dave Bautista delivers his best performance to date.

The zombies are fucking amazing. While they still die from a simple blow to the head, they’re calculated, ritualistic, and have - I can’t believe I’m saying this 😂 - actual emotion and legit relationships with one another. It’s different, but a very cool twist on the genre tropes. I gotta mention the zombie tiger, because he has the best kill in the whole movie.

While I still like it, I would still consider Batman v Superman a misstep for Zack Snyder...but 2021 is the best year of his career, delivering two movies that are probably my favorite movies he’s ever made.

Warner Brothers...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? You lost Nolan. You lost Snyder. You may lose Villenueve if Dune doesn’t get a theater-only release. And for what? Mind blowing how terrible their leadership is.

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