Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

It's amazing how much can change in a short period of time and thinking back on all the times I've seen this film has made me consider that quite a bit. Just about a year ago, I waited outside in the heat on the French Riviera for hours to see a film I knew absolutely nothing about and had gone out of my way to watch purely because I overheard someone earlier mention it as being excellent. Though Cannes was already the time of my life at that point, what I found in that cramped cinema was the film that would truly make my experience, the film that would allow me to be one of the number to come out of Cannes having found a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word before the world was aware of it, the holy grail of the Cannes experience. I saw it again at TIFF. Reuniting with friends from around the world and meeting new ones, it fit perfectly into the mix of things I'd been missing with all my heart for about three months and once again made my festival. Again at NYFF, bringing an excellent weekend, filled with the greatest meal on the planet (Katz's pastrami) and exploring the city and festival with the best friend a guy could ask for (Kern), to a close while fearing I would miss my bus back as I tried to stay for a Q&A I absolutely didn't have time for, savoring every beautiful second. Another time at the AFI Theater, meeting up with Ayo, Caleb, and Cozy, legends of film twitter, and bringing the digital world to the real one while taking in my last few days before moving across the pond. And another, living in London, finally reaching its theatrical release, seeing it for the last time on the big screen. As I watch the film again, it takes on a new meaning and a more powerful one than ever before for all that was and can never be again. Don’t regret. Remember.

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