Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★

Doctor Sleep without a doubt does include stuff to be appreciated, Ewan rarely phones in a performance, Flanagan makes the film visually striking for the most part and I was genuinely invested until the last half hour which is where it fell apart for me.

Aside from the ending which I found pandering, misguided and forced beyond all belief, my biggest upset is that I found hardly anything to take away from the 152 minute runtime. The original is still haunting because once we look past the creepy hallways, Apollo 11 conspiracies and bear suit blowing hotel residents, the film at the very core was about a man slowly loosing his sanity to the point of hurting the ones he loved.

This was, is and will always be timeless horror. One director can add as many violins and loud screams as they desire but if there is no real weight behind them, what’s going to keep people coming back? 

Doctor Sleep doesn’t have much to sit with underneath, certainly nothing even remotely frightening to me at least.

Perhaps the best way to describe this is that it sort of works as a stand alone horror film but fails deeply as a sequel to The Shining.

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