It ★★★½

Wow. This movie seriously surprised me. I went in with not very good expectations and I ended up loving it. It's essentially an ode the 80s, kind of like if Stranger Things was a horror movie. The film also works insanely well in the horror department, I don't really get scared much by horror films anymore unless they are very well crafted, which to be honest this one is. The CGI for the most part is very good outside of one or two scenes and after the first twenty minutes or so there is a bit of a low point where you start to loose some of your investment (or at least for me). The score for the film is fantastic, it genuinely feels like a theme to an 80s/90s adventure film in the lines of something like ET or The Goonies. So far this is my one of my favourite horror films of the year next to It Comes at Night and Get Out.

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