Blood Freak ★★★★★

Blood Freak is being at a party or a get together with a bunch of people you vaguely know, maybe because you were invited by your friend who's now MIA, so you're trying to get in on what's going on in order to avoid being the odd one out. And it's not because you particularly want to be a part of things, but you don't wanna seem like the weirdo in a room of people you come to realize are pretty weird themselves. Nothing anyone talks about seems to make a lot of sense and there's this general implication of impending action that never seems to arrive until it does but by the time you realize it you've missed out on whatever it is that happened. Blood Freak is having a bad high out of desperation because you wanted to unwind a little but the sensation of being fucked up itself isn't as fun as you imagined and now things make even less sense so you're focusing on the bland room decor in order to bring yourself down to earth and regain a sense of normalcy. Mundanities never seemed so desirable until they became impossible to experience. If I wasn't sold on Blood Freak by its penchant for insert shots that don't contain any relevant information, I was sold when they looped the same scream sound effect over twenty times for a single shot of a woman witnessing the turkey-headed guy drinking somebody's blood. This film genuinely took me aback, and that doesn't happen a lot anymore. I'm glad I didn't get around to seeing this when I first found out about it because it would've surely put me off exploring exploitation films for another year at least, but I'm now at just the right amount of burned-out and enamored with the offbeat that this scratched an itch I didn't know was even there. I love movies where it's apparent the crew were sidetracked with getting tiny details correct while neglecting the bigger picture, because that's often how it can go when you're making movies out of love. This film is obsessed with basic details so it means lots of shots of people opening and closing doors and insert shots of people picking up things or being handed drinks...You know, so the audience can keep their bearings. This would be mind-numbing as a typical viewing experience but Blood Freak was never going to be a normal viewing experience, and since I've made movies like this I am fully prepared to appreciate someone else's. That's the oath you take when you shoot your first backyard splatter movie. This is shot pretty haphazardly, not that I can say that as a diss, but the real winner here is the editing. I'm almost certain I heard someone off-screen murmur "Action!" at the beginning of one shot. It's edited in this bizarre slipshod style (although still very much a style) where scenes will linger a bit too long past their actual end, giving the effect of seeming like something else relevant will happen and so once we do cut away, you're left with the feeling that you might've missed something you were supposed to see. But you were never supposed to see this.

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