Knives Out

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This review may contain spoilers.

My god was this film so much fun. A supremely entertaining, clever, and captivating whodunit that subverts expectations. The film reveals its hand very early on, subverting our expectations and providing us with an unconventional whodunit as the person(s) responsible try to outmaneuver and outsmart the detective.

What I appreciated most was the tone. It’s no secret that I don’t have the best relationship with camp. But, this was the right kind of camp. It was campy yet still kept itself grounded so it can still be taken seriously.

Craig is phenomenal as this over-the-top southern detective, highly reminiscent of Michael Scott’s “I do declare” character in the Murder episode of The Office. But it’s entirely Ana De Armas’ show. She gives one of the best performances of the year. A lot is expected of her, and she does a masterful job at weaving through fear, courage, confusion, and good-heartedness.


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