Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

“Oh my god, is everyone okay?”

“Well, the fuckin hippies aren’t. That’s for goddamn sure.”

Rewatching this was a perfect way to spend a lazy, sunny, lovely afternoon. *THE* perfect chill-out movie that lets you just bask in the 60s aesthetic & atmosphere as Cliff drives around the streets of Hollywood to the tune of one of cinema’s greatest soundtracks, lets you just enjoy the wholesome & thoroughly entertaining friendship between Rick and Cliff. While I was rooting for Pesci at this year’s Oscars, I’d be lying if I said Brad didn’t deserve that Oscar. And it absolutely deserved the Oscar for the production design. Truly feels like you’re in 1960’s Hollywood.

It annoys me when people say Margot Robbie was useless in the film, because she was absolutely vital to the story and its themes. She was a beacon of light and wholesomeness amongst this cruel and cynical world, especially considering her real-life tragic fate - the perfect balance. Instead of being stabbed sixteen times like she was on that August night, history is revised and Sharon gets to keep living as the warm, kind, bubbly, and wholesome person she was. This makes Sharon into an actual character, rather than just a device for the Manson Family to murder.

One last thing: my brother often tells me I give off major Cliff Booth vibes, and upon this rewatch I can totally see why.

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