Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Upon rewatch I was expecting this not to hold up, but it does. Now, it’s by no means perfect. The L3 character is annoying, unnecessary, and just plain awful, the pacing of the first act is very rushed, the Darth Maul tease at the end was futile as there won’t be a sequel, and some of the humor doesn’t land.

But it’s still a damn fun movie. It’s got a fun and energetic tone that is reminiscent of the original, moves at a consistently brisk pace, provides us with entertaining action sequences that are surprisingly well-directed and shot, and an fun heist plot. The visuals and score, as expected from a Star Wars film, are superb.

Ehrenreich does an admirable job as Han Solo. He captures the arrogant, charismatic, cowboy-like essence of the character quite well.

As I was watching it I couldn’t help but feel that this would’ve benefitted as a television series, however, especially with the rushed pacing in the first act. They skip over three entire years and I feel those could’ve been interesting had it been a series. Plus we'd be able to continue past the events of this film.

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