Tenet ★★★★★

I can’t quite say Tenet is perfect; the characterizations aren’t as strong as they could be, it didn’t have that “WOW” factor that Nolan’s other films have, and the film does feel a bit convoluted at times (although to be fair I had to use the restroom at one point and most likely missed vital information, which would explain why I felt confused at points). However, in the grand scheme of the film, none of that is enough to bring it down at all because Tenet excels in every other aspect, and is one hell of a ride.

While the modern landscape of blockbusters primarily consists of franchise films and Disney live-action remakes, Tenet stands out and feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s an ambitious, thrilling, gripping, cerebral, high-concept experience that is desperately needed in today’s blockbuster landscape. The plot is fast, non-stop, and challenging; it requires you to be fully engaged from its opening shot to the last, and keeps you guessing where exactly this insane plot will take you next.

The filmmaking, as the case with all of Nolan’s films, is exceptional - especially the stuntwork here. Given the concept and plot of the film the stuntwork was undoubtedly going to be challenging for the filmmakers, but they pulled it off flawlessly. Pattinson is fantastic as always, John David Washington proves himself to be as gifted of an actor as his father; but the performances that stood out the most were Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh.

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