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  • Jurassic Park
  • King Kong
  • Attack the Block
  • Alien

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  • The Color Purple


  • Speed 2: Cruise Control


  • Suburban Girl


  • Whale Rider


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  • Speed 2: Cruise Control

    Speed 2: Cruise Control


    It's a lonely gig, but someone's got to do it. I'm here to defend Speed 2.

    First of all, to everyone complaining that the concept for the sequel makes no sense because cruise ships aren’t speedy — have you ever been caught behind a city bus in Los Angeles? They aren’t fucking fast, either. Neither movie is about vehicles that are particularly fast. This is a perfectly fine idea for a sequel to Speed.

    Speed 2: Cruise Control obviously isn't…

  • Suburban Girl

    Suburban Girl


    Flails when it attempts to be a bubbly rom-com, and does okay when it tries to be a relationship/family drama.

    This is clearly meant to be a more thoughtful drama paralleling a young woman's relationship with her father to her romance with a suave, wealthy editor, and you can see signs of that embedded in this film. But Suburban Girl is never sure whether it wants to be Woody Allen, Carrie Bradshaw, or Miranda Priestly, and never picks a lane.…

Popular reviews

  • 1917



    #1 of 2019.

    The upcoming Oscar race just got a lot more competitive.

    One of 2019's last releases to screen for critics and awards voters, Sam Mendes' 1917 was the final remaining question mark of the past decade in cinema. It turns out, the 2010s decided to go out with a bang.

    1917 is a stunning technical achievement, a war epic unfolding in a single continuous shot, with only one temporal interruption in the narrative (when our lead character blacks…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Some technically impressive filmmaking in service of a story that’s unworthy of any attention whatsoever. There’s nothing but the thinnest of characters here. I was not expecting writing this slapdash and sloppy from Eggers, who showed true creativity in his storytelling in his previous films. This is a pale imitation of Braveheart and Gladiator (and The Lion King), using only the elements of those films that have aged the worst; there’s a dash of nonsense mysticism thrown in here to…