Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★★½

Top 5 Leo movie for me (and if I’m being totally honest probably in my top 5 Spielberg movies as well). This is the film that convinced me of his acting talents. It’s not that he was putting on an all time performance or anything, but this was the first time I felt he tapped into his sweet spot - being able to balance charm, trickery, despair, all while still somehow being a leading man. This was him taking the sum of his previous roles and essentially blending them together (Basketball Diaries, Titantic, etc). He was able to take a popcorn movie lead role and add something extra to make it just off-kilter enough for cinephiles to appreciate but not so much as to turn off the masses - a trick only the best, most accomplished actors can perform and which I believe he stands alone in his generation. I also feel like this role gave him to confidence to really go for it and subsequently take on more daring roles with each new movie (think of his progression from this to Aviator to Departed to Inception to Django to Wolf to Once Upon A Time…that’s a hell of a career arc).

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