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This review may contain spoilers.

My personal take is that there is no explanation or special meaning behind this film. I think it’s just bunch of loose fragments from Lynch’s subconscious (much like his other films) that he accessed through his years of deep transcendental meditation practice. In this case, he fused these ideas together with the thinnest of an arbitrary plot (the mystery surrounding the crash) and voilà, people are left to ponder what it’s all about.  

Then again, I could be completely wrong and there’s some insanely twisted purpose behind every little thing.  That’s kind of the genius behind David Lynch and why his films are so could watch it a million times and keep discovering something new.

- Fantastic camera work
- Another amazing moody soundtrack from Badalamenti
- Naomi Watts is just stunning...her turn from wholesome Betty to icy/jealous Diane is A+ acting and totally unexpected (also that scene within a scene at the audition is exceptional on her part)  
- Just the overall vibe of this movie is intoxicating

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